Physical Therapy

Our mission is to help those living with balance impairment or dizziness to overcome these barriers and begin participating again in their everyday lives by delivering confidence, comfort and relief in every patient interaction We will take you through a series of tests to identify exactly which component(s) of your system are affected and then retrain them to function at their optimum capacity, just as you would train a weak muscle. The treatment is specific to everyone – each person presents differently, so our treatments are very patient-centered. Physical Therapy Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) CDP is a clinical assessment tool that allows us to test the components of the balance system separately, as well as together, in different scenarios. It provides us with extensive information relative to how each of these systems are working, and what we can do to improve them. We are able to use this system to both test and treat, with training modules that we can use throughout your program. This is an innovative approach to your traditional physical therapy – rather than doing the conventional PT exercises that everyone else is doing for different conditions, your program will be developed specifically for you! We can retest you throughout your physical therapy program to see how you are improving.

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