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Everyone deserves exceptional hearing and balance healthcare.

At the Balance & Hearing Institute at Farragut ENT, we have 6 locations throughout East Tennessee. Our main office is in Farragut, just 15 minutes west of Knoxville. We have a full-time location in the Dowell Springs complex off Middlebrook Pike and part-time locations in Athens, Sevierville, and Sweetwater.

Our team of experienced audiologists are committed to providing the highest quality testing and treatment available. Lee Cottrell, Au.D, Andrea Leonard, Au.D., Katie Fuller, Au.D., Madison Cowan-Banker Au.D. and Tyler Phillips, Au.D. work with the physicians of Farragut ENT & Allergy to provide comprehensive ear and hearing care. If you would like information regarding hearing tests and/or hearing aids, please contact us or schedule a consultation.

Our Balance Center, located in Farragut, is a state of the art facility for the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness and equilibrium disorders. The multidisciplinary team at the Balance Center, Alicia Flores, Au.D., Nicole Dickinson DPT and Matt Dunford PTA will provide comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment to improve your balance, prevent falls and eliminate dizziness or vertigo.

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